Wanna to see the JCB Dieselmax and enjoy a backhoe rodeo? You're in luck.

You remember the JCB Dieselmax right? It's the streamliner which is powered by a couple of large diesel engines. Way back in August of '06 we brought news of their record-breaking 317 mph run, later broken again at 328 miles per hour and finally set at 350 mph. In November of that same year we showed you the book covering the event(s). If you have been wanting to see the record-setting vehicle in person, click here for the details. You'll notice that in addition to laying eyes on the big-yellow speed-machine you can see a big-yellow wheel-standing backhoe dragster. Of course you wouldn't want to miss the "Dancing Digger show" where machines will take part in some big-yellow choreographed unity. The highlight of the event is likely to be the "Backhoe Rodeo", a skills-challenge where you can pilot your own big-yellow backhoe in competition for some prizes. No mention was made of whether any of those prizes will be big or yellow.

In other (but related) news, JCB seems to be looking for yet another land-speed record with their Dieselmax. With the vehicle already clocked at over 350 mph, perhaps you'd think that their next challenge of 450 mph would be a cake-walk. According to Louise Ann Noeth, you'd be wrong. She said, "It was a damned hard slog for us, a seasoned group who intimately knew the vagaries of the sport and salt, but 350MPH to 450MPH is like going from your first kiss to giving birth."

If Noeth is right, their next record attempt sure sounds painful, but hopefully their "specially developed high-speed Goodyear tires and exotic green fuel" will give them the competitive edge that they need. Watch these pages for any updates on their big-yellow progress.

[Source: Motor Press Guild]

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