The video above is from a market research firm that video tapes responses to questions from average consumers. The question asked in the video is "would you be prepared to exchange your company car for a hybrid/low emissions car?" The questioners asked 12 people, all men actually, who drove corporate cars in the UK. Their responses varied but refusals to go hybrid often explained that they lacked performance.

Tim had an interesting response to the question. Tim said he would get a diesel because they don't emit as much as other vehicles. Tim's got a point: according to a recent study, clean diesels may over take hybrids as the greenest car option. The other people who said they would buy a hybrid said they would do so because it helps the public image of the company or they would be seen "doing their bit." I was a little shocked no one said they would go hybrid because of higher mileage. How would you respond?

[Source: YouTube]

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