Ecology Coatings patents new eco-friendly automotive coatings

Just what is "liquid-nanotechnology", and why would I want my car covered in it? First, "liquid-nanotechnology" is what Ecology Coatings calls their product. Second, because unless you are driving a Delorean or a future Citroën, your car is most likely painted, maybe a few times at that. So, if your car needs to be coated to keep it from oxidizing, why not use an eco-friendly paint? That is what Ecology Coatings is trying to accomplish. They say, "Since 1990, Ecology has been singularly focused on developing products that enable inexpensive mass production with atomic-level precision, using solid materials cured under UV light to create coatings that are not only viable but are also clean and efficient."

Their coatings are apparently 100 percent solids which require no carriers (water, chemicals) to get from the spray-gun to the substrate. Because of these properties, the coatings should be more environmentally friendly and safer to use.

[Source: Ecology Coatings]

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