Add one sexy starlet of cinema and one curvy Italian sports car, mix vigorously, and you've got a recipe for the hottest combo since Tango and Cash (yeah, I said it). The duo of Scarlett Johansson and the Alfa Romeo 8C have been voted the perfect car and passenger of our dreams in a poll conducted by the car show MPH '07 and the 4Car website. It's a great question, one we've pondered among friends and for which we've come up with various answers, but this poll pretty much nails it for us. The winning team of actress and Alfa beat out some stiff competition to take the title, including Jessica Alba, who narrowly missed the top spot for perfect passenger with 22% of the vote to Johansson's 23%. The Alfa, however, was a clear favorite with 30% of the vote, compared to the runner-up for perfect car, the Bugatti Veyron with only 13% of the vote.

Click after the jump to see the full list of runner ups to Ms. Johansson and Mr. 8c., as well as the list of Perfect Male Passengers.


Perfect Passenger:
Scarlett Johansson - 23%
Jessica Alba - 22%
Jodie Kidd - 14%
Cameron Diaz - 13%
Eva Longoria - 10%

Perfect Car:
Alfa Romeo 8C - 30%
Bugatti Veyron - 13%
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera - 9%
McLaren F1 - 11%

Perfect Male Passenger:
Jeremy Clarkson - 7%
The Stig - 7%
Lewis Hamilton - 2%
David Beckham - 1%
Daniel Craig - 1%


Alfa Males Choose Scarlett Johansson for the Dream Drive

Film beauty Scarlett Johansson and the stunning Alfa 8C Competizione supercar have both come top of a poll carried out by the prestige and performance motor show MPH '07 and the 4Car website, to find the perfect car and passenger of our dreams.

Johansson received 23% of the vote and narrowly beat the recently crowned sexiest woman in the world, Jessica Alba (22%), to the passenger seat. Renowned for their unbelievably sexy and curvaceous looks, it seems that the Lost in Translation star and the new Alfa 8C Competizione are a match made in heaven but unfortunately most of us are unlikely to get our hands on either.

It seems that when it comes to the perfect passenger, women truly are on top, with the first five positions being taken by female passengers – third place Jodie Kidd (14%) was followed by Cameron Diaz (13%) and fifth place Eva Longoria (10%).

The crown for most popular male passenger was shared by MPH '07 presenters Jeremy Clarkson (7%) and The Stig (7%), who were the victors over heartthrobs Lewis Hamilton (2%), David Beckham (1%), and Daniel Craig (1%).

The Alfa 8C Competizione blew its competition out of the water, scooping a remarkable 30% of the vote. Its closest rivals included the 253mph Bugatti Veyron (13%), the hardcore Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (9%) and the iconic McLaren F1 (11%). All of which are planned to be on show at this year's MPH Motor Show at London's Earls Court and Birmingham's NEC in November.

Under the control of the troublesome trio – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - MPH '07 promises to be one of the main highlights of any petrol head's calendar this year, bringing outrageous motoring theatre action together with arena parades and galleries bursting with the fastest and most prestigious cars on the planet.

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