In physics class and on the playground we all learned that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. So have you ever wondered what happens to one of those crazy-stretched limos when it hits something? Would you believe not much?

Krystal Enterprises is responsible for many of those extra-long Hummers, Lincolns and Chrysler 300Cs you see on the road. They're also responsible for making sure the cars are as safe as they are audacious. So they took one of their converted 300Cs to Karco Engineering near Los Angeles to find out.

Krystal's Chrysler 120CE limo is a full 120" longer than a standard 300C and after all the extra structural work, televisions, motorized privacy screens, mini-bars, whirlpool tubs and whatever else is in those things, the stretched version weighs an amazing 1,654 pounds more than the 300C your accountant drives.

But just watch the video and compare it to the crash test of the pedestrian 300C here. Yes, we realize the two tests aren't identical and we don't know the parameters of the limo crash, but we're amazed at how little damage is done to the limo. Much of that added weight must certainly be from frame reinforcements.

[Sources: Krystal Enterprises, YouTube via GM Inside News,

Also amazing is the under-car camera shot seen late in the limo's test. It's a view not often seen in cash testing, and it's interesting perspective to see. Krystal also provides video of the full-speed video and a rear crash test, both of which can be seen below.

What we think would be another interesting camera angle would be from the back, where teenage crash test dummies would no doubt be flailing about, cheap beer soaking their rented prom dresses and ill-fitting tuxes.

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