Fuel cell Pandas arrive in Mantova, Italy as part of Zero Regio

The Fiat Panda should be called the Chameleon. Take a quick look at the links at the end of this post: we've written about diesel Pandas, all-electric Pandas, Pandas with something called the MultiAir engine and Pandas that run on natural gas. Today, we can add another fuel type to the little chameleon's list: hydrogen.
As part of the zero-emission demonstration program Zero Regio, Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) delivered three Nuvera Fuel Cell-powered Panda cars, along with an ENI multi-fuel refilling station that dispenses hydrogen at 350 bar, to the city of Mantova last week. Mantova representatives will drive the Pandas and will report back to the European Commission on how they drive.

Zero Regio is five-year project that runs until 2008. It is funded by the EC and the data collected by Zero Regio will be used to figure out just how Europe will swap five percent of the motor fuel it uses with hydrogen by 2020.

[Source: Nuvera via EV World]

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