We see it every day on TVs here in the states; commercials complete with warnings about side effects that range from impotence, vomiting, or uncontrollable bowel movements. And that's just for curing toenail fungus. The European Union is noodling the idea of using warnings in car commercials, with the aim of arming consumers with the knowledge of how the vehicle impacts the environment. While requiring automakers to include CO2 and fuel use impact in their advertising seems like a decent idea, the rest of the EU proposal would never fly here in the US. The proposal also calls for limiting all vehicle speed limits to 101 MPH, with the rationale that it makes no sense that automakers increased power by 28% since 1994 even though no country raised their speed limits. Blame it on the Autobahn -- it's hard to raise the limit above "no speed limit."

The proposal, which will be debated by the European Parliament in October, also recommends banning all advertising that promotes high speed driving capabilities, which makes zero sense if the EU bans driving over 101 MPH anyway.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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