What's next for the Ferrari Millechili eco-friendly concept?

Remember when we showed you Ferrari's last concept car, the Millechili? Although made of cardboard, the car did offer some very interesting features in an effort to boost Ferrari's green-street-cred. They already have plenty of normal street-cred, as they say, so they decided to go a different route with their new carbon fiber-to-be concept. For one thing, the car was smaller and offered some simple things like non-adjustable seats and low rolling-resistance tires for increased efficiency. On a more technically sophisticated note, the engine was to use direct injection and the drivetrain is a bit of a different type of hybrid which incorporates an electric motor and high-output, low-capacity batteries and an electric motor to take up the motive forces while the car is being shifted.

Autoblog managed to get some more details on the possible production version of the car. No mention is made of any of the eco-friendly high-tech stuff, but the car does seem to remain smaller than what they currently offer. The engine is rumored to be a twin-turbo V8, which should weigh less than their V12 designs. Direct injection seems rather obvious to me, so that very well may be a reality. What I am really wondering, though, is whether the innovative hybrid system will ever see the light of day. Another intriguing possibility which has gone unmentioned is an adaptation of the impending F1 hybrid system which uses a flywheel for storing energy. Also, will the car be E85 capable?


[Source: Autoblog]

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