Toyota's own Darwin Awards sends American teachers to the Galapagos Islands

Made famous mostly because of some guy named Darwin, the Galapagos Islands consist of 13 main islands, 6 smaller islands, and 107 rocks and islets. The islands are home to many interesting species of wildlife, as you are almost certainly aware. This fact brings many people to the islands as visitors, and among them will be 24 teachers sent by Toyota in an effort to "encourage global awareness about environmental conservation." The Toyota International Teacher Program is setting up meetings and workshops between teachers in the U.S. and local teachers.

The idea is that the teachers will then come back to their home classrooms and share their experiences with their students. It is nice to see this type of activity being sponsored by an automotive company, and that's why we decided to share the story with you. The teachers will be visiting the islands between October 2-12, 2007.

[Source: Toyota, thanks for the tip, Ann!]

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