Rendered Speculation: Cadillac BLS Convertible

It's been widely reported that execs at GM, including Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, are keen to expand Cadillac's lineup with several new exciting models. Gone are the days of the emphasis on luxo barges, replaced instead with a focus on smaller and more dynamic cars like the new CTS and, to a lesser extent, the Europe-only BLS. Most are predicting Cadillac will eventually launch new coupe and convertible versions of the CTS, but what if there was a new cabrio version of the entry-level BLS?
This new rendering gives us a pretty good idea of what that car would look like, and, to be honest, it doesn't look all that bad. Cadillac is said to be developing a new RWD small sedan to replace the BLS, and, if a coupe and convertible version were offered, we're sure it would have some success in the U.S.

[Source: CWW Car Design]

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