Large pickups picked up market share in August

Even with two all-new models on the market, pickup truck sales have been dragging for a few months now. The battered housing market and high gas prices have been blamed for the slump, but incentives seems to be remedying the problem in quick order, and have resulted in a great month of sales for August. Sales of large pickups last month accounted for 14.89% of the overall market according to this report, a 20-month high in market share for these work horse vehicles. J.D. Power and Associates reports that automakers spent on average $4,500 per truck in incentives last month, the largest amount since July 2006. This tells us that truck buyers are getting hooked on incentives, and the pickup truck segment as a whole is becoming more and more reliant on the sales practice to move its metal into buyers' hands.

[Source: JD Power & Associates]

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