Zap! teams with Chilectra for electric vehicle deal

The largest power company in Chile, Chilectra, and perennial good new EV company Zap! have announced a partnership to sell Zap's "electric bicycle, scooter and other vehicles." Chilectra will "allow its customers to use their monthly utility bill to finance the purchase of electric bicycles, scooters, mopeds and other vehicles from
US-based ZAP." The electric company sells you a vehicle, you buy more electricity. Makes sense, no?

For now, the deal does not include any of Zap's "cars," like the Xebra or the Obvio 012e. Instead, Chilectra's order is for just electric bikes and the Zapino electric scooter. Chilectra will begin a promotional campaign for the EVs in October.

[Source: TMCNet via Jalopnik]

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