The Camino de Santiago (St. James' Way) is a famous European pilgrimage route that stretches from the Pyrinees (with some origin points) to the city of Santiago de Compostela, in the Galicia region of Spain. Many people walk this pilgrimage or ride on a bike. But a couple from Barcelona decided to use an electric car and start their pilgrimage from Montserrat (near Barcelona).

The couple have finished their 1,100 km trip (680 miles) from the Northeast to the Nortwhest of the Iberian Peninsula. The electric vehicle, which can only run up to 45 km/h (30mph) averaged 80 to 120 km (55 to 80 miles) of distance per day. The car got recharged at night (8 hours) and then at lunch times (2 to 4 hours). They started on September 9th and arrived in Santiago on the 17th.

The chosen vehicle was an Aixam Electric Mega Multitruck, which is the electric version of one of those (in)famous quadricycles you can drive without a driver's license in Europe.

The couple created a blog to cover their adventure (in Spanish, click on the Read link below) but they haven't still written about their arrival. Pictured above is the couple before the trip started.

[Source: 20minutos]

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