Grape-flavored energy? Welch's, NanoLogix have generated hydrogen from bioreactor

NanoLogix has announced the successful creation of hydrogen gas from a prototype bioreactor at a facility run by Welch Foods in Pennsylvania (the best belches come from Welches grape juice, we used to say). NanoLogix used the hydrogen to power an electricity generator, but EV and hydrogen car enthusiasts can get behind a system that uses waste-digesting bacteria to make hydrogen, right? Harry Diz, department chair and professor of environmental engineering at nearby Gannon University and the bioreactor development chief at NanoLogix, said the test was the "first time in history that electricity has been generated anywhere onsite using hydrogen produced through the use of bacteria to digest waste."

Bret Barnhizer, chairman and CEO of NanoLogix, said that the company wants to enhance Welch's facilty to commercial bioreactor status in the future and then use sugar from their wastewater stream to produce hydrogen. The partnership also hopes to tap hydrogen from a decidedly less tasty biomass source in 2008: the Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant's activated sludge waste stream.

[Source: NanoLogix Inc.]

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