Safety campaigners and law makers in New Zealand have consistently complained about car ads showing any sense of speed and have since had them banned. Now the tables have turned with Ford reportedly unhappy over the latest anti-speeding ad from Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) because of the way it portrays one of its new cars.

The $2 million television ads shows a late-model Ford Falcon XR6 (pictured) sliding out of control and ending up in a ditch, and, according to a Blue Oval spokesperson, the ad breaches an agreement between the automakers and the LTNZ, which stipulates the make and model of cars in road safety ads are to be concealed.

The LTNZ is standing by its ad, claiming it doesn't breach any rules because the car's badging is gone, and expects it to air for the next 18 months. Fortunately for Ford, a new version of the Falcon is due to go on sale early next year.

[Source: The Age]

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