Ford might increase cuts in slow economy

Mark "the Mullet" Fields dropped some small ordinance during an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, saying that if the slow U.S. economy puts the automaker at risk of not meeting its financial goals for the next two years, it may increase the rate at which it will cut costs.
To quote Ford's executive veep of North and South American operations, "There's more risk than there is opportunity going forward." Fields maintains that the combination of the turmoil-ridden home mortgage market, weak job numbers and increased debt among U.S. borrowers might cause Ford to slow production down in the fourth quarter to avoid excess inventory, a problem that plagued Chrysler last year around this time.

The adjustments are a last resort, and according to Ford, it's currently on track to meet its goals as long as things stay stable. Nevertheless, you can bet Fields has his fingers crossed.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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