Business Week takes on green tech in a special report

There are some very simple ways to make green improvements in your life, like switching to CFL bulbs instead of using standard incandescent bulbs. Recycling is another rather simple way that you can make a difference. But, there are also other more complex ways that could green your life, some of which are still being invented. Biofuels are one such technology that may very well still be in their infancy. Algae is a great potential source of biofuels which remains mostly untapped. What do all of these things have in common, besides being "green"? All of these examples can be found somewhere in Business Week's Special Report on Green Tech.
Business Week also covers some other interesting potentially green ideas, like getting power from giant kites or even tornadoes. Lastly, they cover companies which seem to be greening their practices while raking in that other green. Some of this is interesting reading, some of it less so, but maybe it's worth a look. Find anything there worthwhile?

[Source: Business Week]

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