VW Up! mini-car could make its way stateside!

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The Volkswagen up! which was shown off as concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week will almost certainly go into production in a couple of years. Selling the up! in European and Asian markets like China and India would probably be a given. The big question is whether we will see a production car based on the up! in the US market. Adrian Hallmark of Volkswagen of America told Automotive News that the US arm has told the home office that they are interested in a production version of the up!

They want a car to slot in below the Jetta and Rabbit that would be true to the heritage of Volkswagen. If such a car does come to the US it almost certainly won't be built in Germany due to low US dollar. Volkswagen will surely be watching the success of the Smart ForTwo after it launches early next year. If the Smart sells well, VW will probably move ahead with a US version of the up!

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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