Spy Shots: Subaru Forester goes through growth spurt

What you see here is not a Legacy Outback mule, but rather a heavily disguised Subaru Forester mule that reveals some interesting tidbits about the next generation of Subaru's boxy wagon. Brenda Priddy's super sleuthing spies have seen this development mule out and about for a while, but only recently realized that it was indeed the next gen Forester. The reason is that the car's dimensions aren't close to those of the current Forester. In fact, this car's 99.4-inch estimated wheelbase is within a half-inch of the much larger Tribeca's, and its 108.5-inch length is over three inches longer than the Legacy Outback. Priddy's inside contacts, however, confirm that despite the size discrepancy, this is indeed the next Forester. In addition to being longer, it's also estimated the next Forester will be two inches wider than the current Outback, which itself is already wider than the current Forester. What does this mean for the Forester? Without seeing the design, it's hard to speculate, but the growth in all areas of size implies that the Forester may be able to seat seven, becoming a somewhat larger CUV-type vehicle than the current model.
[Source: Winding Road]

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