Peugeot launches "Blue lion" environmental signature

Because of the hunt on CO2 emissions the EU is living now, all marques have created their "eco"-offerings across the model line. Just to mention a few ones, Renault has the ECO2, Volkswagen has the BlueMotion, SEAT just launched the Ecomotive. Now it's the turn for Peugeot, launching the "Blue Lion" signature for its models.

Peugeot's "Blue Lion" models follow a certain set of rules: First of all, CO2 emissions must be below 130 g/km when running on fossil fuels, although under 158 g/km if they run on diesel (Peugeot states that all its models are B30 compatible) or 200 g/km when running on E85.

The "Blue Lion" cars must be manufactured in factories which are certified ISO 14001. This certification states that a certain company works respectfully with the environment. Moreover, and beating the mandatory EU Directive 2005/64/EC deadline by one year, the cars must be mostly reusable and/or recyclable.

Quite a number of models fall into this category, from the 107, 1007, 207, 307, 308 and even the 407 sedan. Nevertheless, we're waiting for the announced Hybride, which will mate an efficient diesel powerplant to an electric motor, which promises to be the mileage king of the road.


[Source: Peugeot via Journal du Net]

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