Any bike that can do zero-to-60 in 1 second and tackle the quarter mile in eight seconds deserves quite a bit of respect. Nobody knows this better than the owner of the KillaCycle, Bill Dube, who recently crashed his electric-powered two-wheeler. Mr. Dube was trying for a burnout, but ended up having a close encounter with a soccer mom-mobile. The 619-lb. extra-long cycle utilizes A123 Lithium batteries, and was developed by Dube in his spare time. One would think that someone smart enough to make a 400 HP motorcycle powered by batteries would also have excellent judgment, but then again, maybe not. Dube dropped the hammer on his two-wheeled bullet without a helmet, and only 200 yards from that parked minivan. We're very happy to let you know that Dube is relatively OK, and that nobody else was injured in the crack-up. Check out the Dube interview and subsequent crash video after the jump.

[Source: Autoblog Green]

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