Take a look at the new Triketec X2 Arrow, with optional diesel engine

Vehicles with three wheels have the unenviable reputation of being inherently unstable. This reputation was earned by the Honda ATCs from long ago, which had two wheels in the rear and one wheel up front. This design is not as stable as having two wheels in the front. Because vehicles are generally moving forward, the single front wheel makes an excellent pivot, allowing the vehicle to tip over easily. It is easier to design that type of vehicle, though, because the steering mechanism can be very much like what is already available for motorcycles. That's why I was surprised to see this design from Triketec. We showed you a similar concept a while back called the Stallion. While I'm glad to see that the Triketec X2 Arrow is not considered a performance vehicle because of the design limitations, the vehicle is equipped with electronic aids in an attempt to keep all three wheels on the ground, which is good! Also, the wheelbase seems pretty long and the machine is probably pretty heavy, making it more likely to stay planted.

This vehicle was shown off in Frankfurt at the Motor Show, and appears to be available in Europe only for now. Their website shows that Triketec is no stranger to trikes, as this is their fourth model. While their earlier models appear much more in line with standard trike expectations, the X2 Arrow sports a more distinctive design, with a chassis that resembles the Ariel Atom. Three engines are reportedly available, a standard gasoline engine along with a turbocharged version of that engine, and a 41-horsepower diesel engine that most likely sports the best fuel mileage. The vehicle features many safety devices, most notably a full roll cage. Driving the X2 Arrow should be very much like a car, and is geared towards relaxed cruising. Looks like fun!

[Source: Triketec via Gizmag]

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