SEAT obtains certificate: 95 percent of cars recyclable one year before it's mandatory

SEAT, the Spanish marque that belongs to the VAG group, has obtained the homologation certificate that states that 95 percent of any car they sell is recyclable. This comes a bit later than parent company Volkswagen obtained a similar certificate in Germany and one year before it's mandatory for all cars sold in the European Union.

Automakers are getting the recycling processes ready for the upcoming EU Directive 2005/64/EC. That rule states that after December 2008, all vehicle manufacturers will have to provide evidence of recyclability when they apply for type-approval of new vehicles. The minimum that new vehicles under the directive must be reusable and/or recyclable is 85 percent and at least 95 percent by mass must be reusable and/or recoverable.

Until recently, SEAT hadn't been know for their ecological investments but both the Ibiza Ecomotive and this initiative put them in the right way (Pictured is the latest SEAT concept, the Tribu).


[Source SEAT (link is in Spanish]

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