Pontiac wants gamers to come in and say Halo

Pontiac is betting hardcore Halo fans just can't wait to own a copy of Halo 3 when it goes on sale Sept. 25. So to help relieve some of that tension, the carmaker is giving away 1,000 copies of the game in a contest that ends today.

With only a few hours left to play, hurry to Pontiac's special Halo-related site, solve a simple word puzzle and find out if you're a winner instantly. As you can see, we didn't win.

The Halo tie-in is part of Pontiac's attempt to woo young males into their showrooms. A previous Halo-related tie-in featured a Halo-themed G5 at events in San Francisco and New York where lucky gamers could try H3 before most everyone else. This second phase of the campaign seems to feature the G6 GXP, at least on the ' screen. I wonder if winners see a G8. Hmmm. We'll try again today to find out for you. Hey, it's the least we can do, right?

[Source: Ad Age]

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