Jeremy Clarkson is host of the TV show Top Gear. He is not a fan of green cars like the G-Wiz or Prius. In the video above, Jeremy uses the Prius for target practice. So it might surprise you to find out, Jeremy is apparently a big fan of fuel cells. In a recent article Jeremy writes "I think that, soon, the holy grail will be cracked: the hydrogen fuel cell. ... The best way of storing hydrogen is between the atoms in metal. Already some scientists reckon they have gone one better and have worked out a way of putting 30 litres in a single gram of graphite. And 30 litres would be enough to take a family saloon of the future 5,000 miles. So there we are. Problem solved. Personal transportation will survive."

Jeremy is not all positive in the article. In the same article where he praises recent discoveries in fuel cells, he writes the Prius is "designed only to assuage the guilt of people whose opinions come from a man so hopeless he couldn't even beat George Bush to the White House." Jeremy also writes that electric cars, as the G-Wiz proves, "Do. Not. Work... They run out of juice whenever it's raining, or dry, or windy." Even the hydrogen future, predicted by "eggheads," has a potential problem: "What's the world going to look like when 600m motor vehicles start to chuck water out of their tail-pipes? A point only I seem to have spotted thus far. Which means it's probably irrelevant."

That is an interesting idea. Could you consider water vapor a pollutant? It is a greenhouse gas, after all.

[Source: Times Online]

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