Fiat supporting Tata in bid for Jaguar/Land Rover

While Ford's kicking Land Rover and Jaguar entirely out of the nest, leaving their eventual buyer to fend for themselves, potential bidder Tata Motors of India will have some help. Tata wants to expand into other markets beyond India, and luxury European marques could be a good point of entry. They've already indicated an interest in Jaguar and Land Rover, and Tata partners with Italy's Fiat building cars and engines in India, so there's a relationship established. Fiat's ready to help its partner in the form of technical support should Tata purchase Ford's British nameplates. What exactly that means, we're not sure, but Fiat's got a lot of experience running global automotive operations, so its advice and consent about how to successfully run Jaguar and Land Rover would be very helpful to Tata in its quest for expansion.

Thanks for the tip, Mehul!

[Source: Times of India]

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