For AutoblogGreen's latest video round up we give you three interesting videos from AlwaysOn GoingGreen 2007. The video above is part of a panel discussion about electric cars with "Jessie Deeter, Producer, 'Who Killed the Electric Car?', Tom Gage, CEO, AC Propulsion, Gary Starr, Chairman, ZAP, Ian Clifford, CEO, ZENN Motor Company and Dennis Hogan, CFO, Phoenix Motorcars." Someone on the panel says a vehicle-to-grid system could earn electric car owners from $100 to $500 a month.

Below the fold are two more videos. The first is all about batteries with "
Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media, David Vieau, CEO, A123 Systems, Saroj Sahu, CTO & Founder, Deeya Energy and Alan Gotcher, CEO, Altair Nanotechnologies." The second is about bio-fuels with "Peter Hanschen, Partner, Morrison & Foerster, Robert Walsh, President, LS9, Inc., Jonathan Wolfson, President & COO, Solazyme, Inc., John Melo, CEO, Amyris Biotechnologies and Steven Perricone, CEO & Co-Founder, BioFuelBox, Inc." Each video is between three and six minutes long.

[Source: YouTube]

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