Co-op America says "Plug-in Hybrids 'Yes,' Ethanol 'No'" to Ford, GM

If you think that the ethanol push by Ford and GM over the last few years is too much, and that building for the biofuel is taking too many resources away from research that could otherwise be devoted to plug-in hybrids, Co-op America has an action for you.
The action starts with a petition, called Tell Ford and GM: Ethanol is Not the Answer! that will be sent to Alan Mulally and Rick Wagoner. Co-op America asks for signatures, obviously, but also gives suggestions, mostly talking to local dealerships, on how else to take the give-us-PHEVs-now message to Ford and GM.

In effect, this is a petition drive created by the automakers. They tease the public with cool concept cars, but then don't deliver. As Co-op America's corporate responsibility programs director Todd Larsen said in a statement, "Ford has announced a partnership with Southern California Edison to produce such cars in the next 5-10 years. Chevy unveiled the Chevy Volt concept car, a plug-in, at auto shows this year. We are asking thousands of concerned consumers nationwide to tell Ford and GM to stop promoting corn-based ethanol, and focus instead on increased fuel efficiency and plug-in hybrid vehicles as real solutions to the climate and energy crises."

What about you, will you sign? Is this drive a good strategy? Should we let the companies decide on their own what's best, or is a unified, pro-PHEV customer front exactly what is needed?

[Source: Co-op America]

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