Former broadcast executive John Kanzius hoped his use of radio frequencies would be a cure for cancer, but when the researcher turned his machine toward a test tube of salt water, out came hydrogen.

Apparently, the radio frequencies emitted by Kanzius's machine weaken the bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules, releasing a stream of hydrogren that, as you can see in the video, burns brightly when lit.

Labs around the country are trying to replicate and figure out exactly how the process works, how it might be harnessed as an energy source, and just how many zeros Mr. Kanzius's check will have on it.

Not addressed in the video is how much energy is needed to power that ray beam pointed at the water. Splitting water into its basic elements requires more energy than is released, and we'll be very surprised if this method is any different.

Despite his growing fame, Kanzius says he hopes to sell his patent-pending discovery for loads of money so he can focus on his original goal of curing cancer.

Thanks, British Rover for the tip!

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