Frankfurt 2007: WORLD PREMIUM ZENITH! SsangYong Wz Concept

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We'll just begin by directly quoting SsangYong's press release. "In particular, Wz stands for "World Class, World Standard, World Premium Zenith." And so begins the Chinese-controlled (SAIC has a 51% stake) Korean automaker's journey down a road ultimately leading to a more diverse lineup. By "diverse" we mean one that apparently includes fairly attractive if derivatively-styled cars in addition to a truck roster whose Mercedes-lite styling sometimes spirals into the bizarre. The car that shows us where SsangYong wants to go is the Wz.

Whether or not Wz truly represents the World Premium Zenith is debatable, though if SsangYong were to make t-shirts bearing that slogan, we would gleefully don them. As for the car, like we said, it's not bad-looking, which is a start. Sporting lines that look largely, ahem, borrowed from the likes of Infiniti and BMW, and powered by a 3.6L twin-turbo V6 pumping 365 metric horsepower (PS) to all four wheels. SsangYong's looking to have something in production by 2011. Until then, the old Mercedes-Benz E-Class-based SsangYong Chairman carries the torch as the company's luxury car.

[Source: SsangYong via Autoblog Spanish]

Wz has arrived in 62nd IAA International Motor Show Cars

Wz is the symbolic example of line-up expansion that will be implemented through SsangYong's mid-long term vision by 2011. The vision ambitiously reveals to diversify the current SUV focused line-up by adding advanced passenger cars. What SsangYong says is that the 'Wz' would bridge between current and future line-ups.

The concept car Wz is a sports sedan combining the refinement and elegance of current passenger car Chairman and SsangYong's dynamism with a unique design under the concept of "Dynamic, Advanced, Bold." In other words, Wz is a combination of the Chairman's elegance and dynamism and SsangYong's progressive genes and futuristic design.

For SsangYong, Wz is more than a concept car. Wz is an experimental luxury sedan to expand and diversify the product portfolio of SsangYong, which has focused on SUVs and large-sized luxury sedans only. 「Wz」 embodies SsangYong's pride and confidence in advanced auto manufacturing capability and expertise.

In particular, Wz stands for "World Class, World Standard, World Premium Zenith", which shows SsangYong's will to manufacture a premium large-sized sedan that can compete with world class luxury sedans in the global market based on quality and performance with cutting edge technology.

The development concept can be strongly felt from the exterior of Wz. First of all, the side profile is similar to the dynamic looks of a sports coupe and defines a new dimensional sedan added to the traditional glamour of SsangYong. Second, the higher belt-line and wide and solid bumper give a sense of stability, while the innovative and unique glass roof and aggressive design details embody progressive trends and the daring experimentalism of SsangYong.

The interior is also based on the development concept. However, unlike the exterior, the interior looks like a driver-friendly comfortable space. To that end, the interior layout and devices are designed to highlight horizontal space, a user-friendly interface, and utility.

The interior centers on the dashboard, center console, and roof panel. The horizontal dashboard, in line with the door trim, with a higher belt-line gives the driver a sense of stability created by horizontal space, while the roof glass made of light-weight polycarbonate makes the interior space look wider and expanded.

The center console, separated from the dashboard and stretched to the back of the interior, provides a sense of vertical space. The center console houses electronic devices such as touch screen switches and monitor, serving as the user interface tunnel. The rear seats divided by the center console provide passengers not only with private space but also with room for easy movement and arrangement, fully taking advantage of a sedan's attributes.

The futuristic style and elegance of Wz is reinforced by a V6 3,600cc gasoline direct injection (GDi) twin turbo engine with the maximum power of 365ps and the maximum torque of 49.0kg.m, and a 7-speed automatic transmission with manual override.

In addition, Wz has a world class safety system befitting SsangYong's fame. Among the safety devices are Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Electronic self-leveling Air Suspension (EAS), Electric Parking Brake (EPB), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), All Wheel Drive (AWD), which is a four-wheel system for sedans to offer the best driving performance regardless of road conditions, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which helps maintain the proper distance from the vehicle ahead based on the calculation of the distance from the car ahead and the vehicle speed, and Around Monitoring System (AMS), which helps the driver identify obstacles around the vehicle and drive safely based on the picture sent from camera sensors in cases of parking and entering into T-shaped roads and intersections.

Combined with the dynamism and progressiveness inherited from SsangYong's history and tradition, and innovative experimentalism, Wz exhibits a trendsetting design for stylish exterior and interior lines and a balanced shape, dynamic performance, and state-of-the-art technology. Wz is a true masterpiece that puts a milestone on the path for luxury sedans in the future.

.Wz. Specifications
  • Overall Length (mm) 5,080
  • Overall Width (mm) 1,866
  • Overall Height (mm) 1,465
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2,940
  • Type V6 GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) Twin Turbo
  • Displacement (cc) 3,600
  • Max. Power (ps/rpm) 365
  • Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm) 49.0
  • Drive System AWD
  • Gear 7-Speed Automatic Transmission With Manual Shift Mode
  • Wheels & Tires 20", 245/40R20

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