Frankfurt 2007: Volvo C30 Efficiency keeps it simple, stupid

click above image to view high-res gallery of the Volvo C30 Efficiency

As we told you earlier, the new Volvo C30 Efficiency achieves better fuel economy by incorporating off-the-shelf ideas available to any automaker with an eye on higher mileage. Its 105 HP 1.6L turbodiesel engine is optimized for fuel efficiency, and its transmission even uses low friction oil so as not to sap the power running through it. The tranny's third, fourth and fifth gears are also taller, and low rolling resistance tires, an aero-optimized undercarriage and special rear spoiler all contribute to lifting the C30 Efficiency's fuel economy to an incredible 4.5L for every 100 kilometers, or 52.26 MPG in the U.S. cycle. That's all, no whiz bang hybrid drives or vaporous hydrogen fuel cells on board this car.

One interesting design detail we didn't notice when the official pics were first released is the car's wheels, which are odd to say the least. It appears that the material between the spokes is something like chicken wire with a very fine weave. We're not sure if it cuts down on the production of turbulent air behind the wheel or a designer just had a brain fart, but it comes off as one of those "green" details this car could do without.

Check the original post for the nitty gritty details, and view our high-res gallery of live shots by clicking below.

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