Apple's Woz recreates famous Nissan 280Z commercial

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has lived a charmed life, and he's giving back to the technical sciences by auctioning off his 2005 350Z special edition for charity. The Woz has a soft spot for the old Nissan Z cars, as he appeared in a commercial for the 280Z back in the day, and he has put together a remake of the old spot featuring his 350Z. The spoof commercial features a rotund Woz rolling across the back yard of his spacial digs in a Segway, while sound from the original commercial mentions that the Apple co-founder has two sports cars. The spoof video ends with the Weird Al version of "Ridin Dirty" playing while the Woz rides off into the sunset, Apple II license plate in full view. The sale price for the car is $100,000, but Woz is also accepting lower offers. Click here to view the "remake" video, and follow the jump to check out the classic original.

[Source: TUAW]

The original Woz 280Z commercial:

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