Here's a video from DeutscheWelle, a German TV station, showing a typical working day for Johannes Liebl, Head Engineer at BMW, responsible of Energy management.

The video starts with Herr Liebl driving a BMW 118d to work and shows how the Start/Stop technology works smoothly when he stops at a traffic light and commenting how much fuel is not wasted because of this practise. He drives a different car every day for testing purposes, the same way a customer performs a test drive.

When he arrives at BMWs headquarters, the parking lot shows a full collection of BMW models and the camera follows him as he leads a meeting. The central question he asks and for which he's got only a partial answer is which technology is the best to protect the environment: hybrid? electric? natural gas? BMW's policy of offering a sport drive must not be unrelated to polluting less.

The video also shows a workshop where some hybrids prototypes and their batteries different devices are tested (such as regenerative braking), where questions (which lots of customers ask) are presented: are the batteries reliable? will my car start tomorrow? Then BMW shows its wind tunnel, and speaks that they have spent 250 million EUR in R+D to reduce CO2 emissions.

The video contains more information (my German isn't that great) but Herr Liebl comes back home with a Mini Cooper. Not a bad job, eh?

[Source: YouTube]

[Edited: Vielen Danke to Jan for the tips - I guess I have to go back to German class]

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