More signs of an impending Toyota sports car

Toyota did so well for so long with its sports cars and sporty cars that it's a wonder they gave up the market. Now it seems they're asking themselves the same question. Kazuo Okamoto, executive VP of R&D, said the company wants to try sports cars again, citing the need to build "more appealing products" with a dash more "fun to drive" factored in.

Now that the MR2 is officially retired, it is difficult to believe that Toyota will leave its sports car cred (and cash) on the table for Lexus to mop up. While not admitting any concrete plans to build such a car, Toyota's been teasing folks with the FT-HS since it was revealed at Detroit earlier this year. If they actually do turn it into a Supra -- and a hybrid one at that -- we, for one, would be delighted to see something slow down the Camry-ization of Toyota's lineup.

[Source: Auto Week]

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