When not chasing crims in the Batmobile, what car does Batman use as his daily driver? A Lamborghini Murcielago of course, but it seems the Italian exotic was too hot to handle even for Batman. Gotham City, a.k.a. Chicago, is turning out to be no safe place for Lamborghinis.

Last week, Chicago Bears star Lance Briggs crashed his Lamborghini and now three more have been crashed there while filming the sequel for last year's smash hit Batman Begins. According to Cars.com's Iver Walkoe, who took these photos from his office, there were three smashed Lambos in total, two seen in the image and a third one just out of picture.

When the sequel opens next summer we can expect to see at least one scene where a dark gray Murcielago gets into a crash. A Bentley Continental GTC that was also spotted on the set and it's possible it may be a part of the movie since Bentley and Lamborghini are both owned by VW. That said, it's also possible it may belong to one of the actors.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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