Japanese/American hybrid: S2000 + LS1 = OMG!

Honda's S2000 roadster has legions of fans who are very happy with its balanced mix of performance and handling. Then there are those who just can't be satisfied.

One of those power-hungry S2000 owners is known as hboy7777 in both S2000 forums and LS1 forums, and he's combining both those worlds between the frame rails of a Honda.

That's good-old American General Motors LS1 iron hunkering down in that Japanese engine bay, with what hboy estimates could be much as 500 hp before the nitrous is added. In a car that weighs only 2,800 pounds, that's gonna be one handful of a Honda.

The project is still in the works, but hboy plans to start with a Nissan t56 transmission, and if it won't hold, maybe try one donated from a Viper. That should do it. You might think weight balance would be ruined by an engine swap like this, but the owner says the aluminum LS1 doesn't weigh much more than the original powerplant and some firewall mods help keep the roadster's handing neutral.

We look forward to seeing what this Japanese/American hybrid can do, and plan to check in on hboy's adventures often. You can too, either at the LS1 Tech, or at S2K International.

[Source: Carscoop]

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