BMW becomes world's biggest-selling premium automaker

BMW outdid compatriots Mercedes and Audi to sell the most cars in August, taking the cake with the number one spot and probably the Benjamins as well. Compared to Audi's 66,400 cars and Mercedes' (and smart's) 96,200, BMW (with MINI) rolled 99,755 cars off dealer lots.

BMW couldn't have done it without the success of the MINI, and we can debate whether it's fair to include it in a shootout. Minus the little British lifestyle accessory, BMW only moved 85,003 units. Nevertheless, as long as its in there, it bodes well for the blue-and-white propeller, with the X5 and MINI (which is up 24%) still doing very well. All three makers have new and refreshed models on the way shortly, but BMW also has the brand new -- and certain to be popular -- volume-selling 1-Series and MINI Clubman in the works.

And not that they will add too much to the tally, but while we're throwing things in, there's the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that will probably outsell Maybach all by itself. If it isn't already, the question soon will be: can you get too much BMW?

[Source: Motor Authority]

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