Many of us have tried to evade those pesky speeding fines, more often than not, unsuccessfully. Not so for Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson who managed to have a case against him dropped despite the publicity and string of copy-cat defenses we're sure will ensue.

The story goes like this: A V6 Alfa Romeo Brera was clocked doing 82mph in a 50mph zone by a speed camera in west London. A ticket was then issued to the car's legal owner, Alfa Romeo, which then forwarded it to Clarkson because the car was on loan to him at the time.

Instead of coming clean, Clarkson took the matter to court and with the help of celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman managed to convince a Magistrate that since it couldn't be proven he was in fact behind the wheel he shouldn't have to pay the ticket. Clarkson, who wasn't present at the hearing, was awarded full costs.

We wonder if this defense will work for anyone else caught speeding by a camera in a car that doesn't belong to them.

Thanks for the tip, Thom!

[Source: BBC]

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