The video above is an electric buggy made for the military. The military likes electric cars and it's not because they emit fewer green house gases. They are quiet, something Simpson's creator Matt Groening also enjoys. He likes to sneak up on people in parking lots with his Prius in EV mode, then honk his horn. The military likes to do that too ... just not the horn part. They replace the horn with something else.

We recently wrote about the first hybrid tank. The military has also asked for green power in the field. They are also the largest buyer of green power. They are even developing bio-fuel jet fuel. At that rate, it's very possible the next iconic electric vehicle may be from the military. The US military is not known for downsizing, so I would not expect such a vehicle to die like the EV1 either. Soon, when people think EV, they may think military.

[Source: Wired and tipster Domenick]

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