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Veyron convertible? Pegaso Edition? You decide

So, you might recall the video we posted last night showing our favorite TV hot-shoe, Tiff Needell, flogging the Veyron around the track, right after getting a glimpse of the ins-and-outs of the Bug's production. It was an entertaining diversion, but what stuck out to many of us was Tiff making it clear to the cameraman that he wasn't to shoot one Veyron hiding out in the corner of the room. While some rightly contend it was likely the Pegaso edition that was revealed early last month, others think that it was the upcoming Veyron convertible.

Well, while chowing down on lunch today, we had the opportunity to watch the episode in full, and right as Tiff was about to talk about the diffusers that run the length of the Veyron's undercarriage, we caught a brief glimpse of the suspect vehicle. The screen grab is after the jump, and judging by the color combos, it most certainly looks like the Pegaso. Considering this was likely taped months earlier, that assumption holds more water than the cabrio. However, you can check out the pic for yourself and tell us what you think.

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