More solar powered parking meters are coming to the U.K.

I have never gotten a parking ticket in my life, which is partly due to the fact that I never park next to a meter. Where I live in Northwest Ohio, there really is no problem finding adequate parking most of the time. But, what if your only choice was to park next to a meter, and because the meter lost power you got a ticket? That would really suck! It seems that this has been a problem over in the U.K. with some of their solar powered parking meters. Due to their infamous often gloomy weather, the meters sometimes did not get adequate power from the sun, leading to erroneous tickets for some unfortunate drivers. Despite these problems, it seems that officials in the U.K. are not giving up on the technology. The Mendip District of Somerset in southwest England is installing 50 new parking meters, half of which will be solar powered. Hopefully, the systems have a backup power source... just in case!

[Source: Treehugger, Telegraph and the BBC]

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