eBay find of the day: Fergie ditching her Hummer to help the planet

UPDATE (9/13): with two days left, bidding is up to US$64,099.91.

So, the rumors are true. Following the Live Earth concerts, word was going 'round that Black Eyed Peas singer (and solo artist) Fergie was going to auction her Hummer H2 off for charity, and a green charity at that. We couldn't find any confirmation about that news at the time, but that's because the whole auction thing hadn't happened yet. Fast forward to a few months to now and we find that a little site called eBay is offering up the fabled Fergie Hummer.

Currently, the vehicle only has one bid at $10,000, but this is below the reserve price. The H2 only has 7,341 miles on it (meaning Fergie only burnt 650 gallons of gas, if we assume 50/50 highway/city driving at 13/10 mpg) and it's been tricked out by all sorts of folks. Now, let's get to the irony.

You might notice the little ribbon in the lower right of the eBay image. That means that this auction is put on by Giving Works, which runs charitable auctions, and that 100 percent of the final sale price will support Global Green USA. Who's Global Green USA? Well, it's a "green cross" group founded by Mikhail Gorbachev that "works with governments, industry and individuals to create a global value shift towards a sustainable and secure future. Global Green USA is addressing three great challenges facing humanity: climate change, weapons of mass destruction and the need for clean water."

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The auction description explains why selling the Hummer is actually going to make a difference:

"After performing at Live Earth and realizing everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, Fergie decided to sell her HUMMER and donate all the proceeds to Global Green USA. The cynic may say that this is just transferring the negative effects of the vehicle to someone else, but in supporting Global Green USA, the charity is donating carbon emission credits for 10 years to offset the impact and in addition it is using the money to work on the important issue of climate change."

So, for the next decade, this particular Hummer won't be doing any CO2 damage to the planet, at least in the indulgence sense.

If you want to send a protest or praise to Fergie about this auction, you'll have just as much luck by leaving a comment here as by bidding; the auction description says you won't get to meet Fergie if you win and that "Fergie is not able to view any messages sent to this eBay account. Please do not send messages hoping they will be read or responded to by Fergie."

Where does this all leave us? It seems that this is a great auction to bid on if you'd like to make a large donation to Global Green, and get a free Hummer out of the deal. If you win, my suggestions about what you can do with the vehicle itself still stand.

[Source: eBay]

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