Wondering how the new stop/start Mini drives?

When we wrote a post about some of the easiest ways to implement green technology into our automobiles, one of the highlighted technologies was engine stop/start. The premise is that your engine need not idle in this day and age of electronics and high-output alternators and motors, along with improvements in oil to minimize engine wear when the engine is started. BMW has been making this particular improvement across their range and has spread the wealth to Mini as well. We know that the technology can improve the fuel mileage, but what is it like to drive the vehicle with this technology engaged? To find out, skip on over to CAR and read their mini-review. Make sure to come back afterwards!

If you followed the link, you found that they did not mind the system at all, and think that drivers should leave it on. That's right, stop/start is driver defeatable in the Mini. Also, the transmission must be left in neutral on manual shift cars for the system to work. As soon as the clutch is depressed, the engine wakes back up with zero lag. Other manufacturers should consider making a system like this standard on their models as well.

[Source: CAR via Autoblog]

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