eBay Find of the Day: Bugatti Veyron for hire

There's no denying that the Bugatti Veyron is an awesome car. Experiencing acceleration more akin to a superbike than a 4,000 pound car is a religious experience. The price of a one is also likely to cause you to utter the name of a higher being. If you'd like to drive Bugatti's wheeled missile but can't swing the cost of ownership, and you happen to be in England, you can rent one instead. Of course, the 40 grand it costs for a single day in HVC Prestige's Veyron would also buy ypu an entire car that you won't have to park after just 50 miles (that works out to $800/mile, in case you were wondering).

That 50 miles might feel like quite a lot when you realize that during every minute you spend behind the wheel of this thing, you'll have sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and a severely elevated heart rate. HVC isn't messing around with joyriders, either. You must be 28 or older with a valid license for at least the last 5 years. There's that aforementioned mileage cap, as well as a $300,000 insurance deposit, too. If you find the terms or price for the Veyron to be a bit out of your budget, HVC Prestige has plenty of other cars you can take out as an alternative. We bet the HUMMER H2 doesn't cost $40 grand per day to wheel around in.

Thanks for the tip, Fogdoggydog!

[Source: eBay UK]

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