The video above is all about the Rocky Mountain Institute's Hypercar broadcast as part of the Science Channel's Eco-tech series. The Hypercar is a 100 MPG SUV concept that achieves such high a MPG number by reducing waste. RMI designed the SUV to be built with light carbon fiber for example. Amory Lovins "re-invented" carbon fiber with FiberForge which aims to be the "highest volume composite process in the world."

The potential of V2G or vehicle to grid is also explored in the video. Michael Brylawski of RMI says cars have 7 times more energy than the power grid. He mentioned the same idea in our in-depth interview with him January. He says "if all cars were efficient (with 35-50 kilowatts of fuel cell power) and propelled by fuel cells, we'd have roughly around 5 terawatts of electricity generation capacity in our cars. This is six times the electric generation capacity of all U.S. stationary powerplants - coal, oil, nuclear, hydro."

Below the fold is another video of Amory from Discovery Times Channel's Addicted to Oil. The video includes a visit by New York Times' Thomas Friedman to FiberForge. He tries to break a carbon fiber car part with a hammer and lifts a carbon fiber car door with just one hand. Also below the fold is a video of a lecture on transportation by Amory. There is also a great video of Amory on Charlie Rose online.

[Source: Youtube]

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