Welcome mat is out for Tesla in Menlo Park

As we reported about a month ago, Tesla Motors will be opening a sales and service center in Menlo Park, California later this year. A local TV news station, KPIX, has been seeing what this store will be about, and let's just say that everyone is excited about Tesla Motors coming to town.
Menlo Park Mayor Kelly Fergusson told KPIX that, "Tesla Motors is an exceptionally good fit for Menlo Park. Tesla's vehicles and corporate philosophy are consistent with Menlo Park's history and culture of innovation, high-tech investment, and emphasis on green technology."

But perhaps the more interesting bit was Fergusson's idea for a broader green car market in the area: "Tesla is a keystone in creating a 'Green Alley' destination shopping area for alternative energy vehicles and green retail on El Camino Real [the street where the center will be located]."

The Roadster has certainly brightened the electric car's star in the past year, if it can play a tangible role in building up a new green car culture in Menlo Park, I say bring these dealerships to every town in America.

[Source: KPIX]

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