On August 27, the German Ministry of Environment, Sigmar Gabriel, gave away 10 prizes to award the development of green technologies in the car industry. The winners were (in no particular order):
  • Best bioethanol vehicle: Ford Flexifuel range of vehicles
  • Best hybrid: Toyota Prius
  • Best hydrogen/fuel-cell development: BMW Hydrogen 7 Series
  • Best CNG: Opel CNG range of models
  • Best electronics: Mercedes for its Smart
  • Best improvements in CO2 emissions reduction: BMW's EfficientDynamics Policy
  • Best waste management. Volkswagen's SiCon procedure.
  • Best "saving" car: Mercedes' Smart
  • Best communication campaign: Peugeot, for its "Protects" instead of "Commodity advertisement" campaign
  • Best research projects: Dieter Hensig (biodiesel) and Prof. Christof Wetter (bioethanol)

As you can see, all the German marques (plus Peugeot, which sells quite a number of vehicles in Germany, and Toyota) got their awards.

[Source: BMW (link is in German)]

[Edited: Toyota is also in the list, thanks to Tariq for the tip]

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