Can you beat all the alternative fuels and hybrids with a whopping 100 miles per gallon? Well, that's what a company called Transonic claims. Transonic, based in Camarillo, CA, declares that 100 mpg is possible with a revolutionary injection system. It's a system, though, that you can't see yet. According to the company's webpage: "Transonic Combustion's core technology is highly proprietary and, thus, reviewable only under NDA Agreement"

However, we can summarize some of their affirmations: They use conventional reciprocating piston engines with ultra-high compression rations with very precise ignition timing and minimizing waste heat. The fuel is injected with these new injectors that are the responsible for the use of so little fuel. Moreover, the injectors can be supplemented with existing technology such as thermal management, EGR, electronic valves and advanced combustion chambers.

The system is not only designed for gas engines and so can be adapted to any other fuel, regardless of octane or cetane ratios.

As always, let's take this with a pinch of salt, but if there's a really a way to improve fuel efficiency at Transonic, this is good news.

[Source: Transonic via]

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