BREAKING: Toyota to announce plug-in deal next week, possibly for batteries

Toyota and French electric utility EDF (Electricite de France) will team up next week to develop recharging stations according to the Financial Times. The agreement is "to develop electricity infrastructure to serve the plug-in cars Toyota plans to roll out in a few years' time." The deal could include several countries as EDF owns utilities in German, Italy and Britain.
Recently, Toyota showed off a plug-in Prius they are road testing in Japan. Ford also started plug-in trials with a California power company. GM plans to be the first to market with a plug-in, releasing a model next year. GM has also announced the E-Flex platform, which is a plug-in model.

This is not the first time we have written about EDF. They have a connection to a company that makes batteries for electric cars. Toyota may just have a battery deal as well. Stay tuned. We are sure to stay on top of this one.

[Source: Financial Times]

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