You've seen solar, you've seen hydrogen - now, a wind-powered toy car!

I'm sure that you've seen those old weathervanes that people put up on top of their farmhouses, right? I seem to recall a certain copper rooster that my family had in our possession at one time or another. In this day of super-modern-style homes, how much cooler would it be to proudly display a Loopwing Wind Power Generator Set instead. It would look so much cooler if it was positioned near some roof-top solar cells too.

The Loopwing product was made in collaboration with Tamiya, who makes many toys and radio-control model kits. This particular toy does not appear to be controllable, just turn it on and let it go. Apparently, the power provided goes into a capacitor which will allow the car to operate for a full 3.5 hours, assuming there is enough wind, of course. I like this so much more than the hydrogen fuel cell cars that we've shown you in the past, and this one only costs thirty bucks.


[Source: Tokyomango via Engadget]

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